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Grafik & Foto's DiaMount® tilbyder en helt fantastisk, nærmest "3-dimensionel" måde at præsentere billeder på.

Læs om her, hvad det er der gør dem så flotte.



DiaMount® is our brand name for photographic prints face mounted to acrylic (also know as PlexiGlas® or Perspex®). The original technique was called DiaSec® and invented in the late 60ies. Our process is similiar.

The backing of the DiaMount consists of a sheet of alu-sandwhich (Dibond, Dilite) or pure aluminium.

As hangers for the larger DiaMounts we use an aluminium subframe (let the DiaMount "float" 20mm off the wall) and for the smaller ones, you can get a smaller hanger, that are only 8mm thick.



The picture is glued to the acrylic.

What's so special about DiaMount®?

Several things makes a DiaMount® special compared to other framing and mountings.

First of all, it's a fresh and modern way of exhibiting photography - there's no frame or anything else "interfering" with the spectators experience of the work.

In addition a DiaMount adds an incredible depth and gives an almost "3D like" experience of the photography.


DiaMount DiaSec Face Mount


Any piece of glass - or in this case a piece of clear acrylic - will normally reflect light from both the front and the back creating a "double mirror" effect. In addition you can have a reflection of light from the front of a glossy print.

By using a special technique ("face mounting") on our DiaMounts we can eliminate the reflection from the back side of the Plexiglass. Only the reflection from the front side remains, resulting in a very clear and pure mirror effect, which is far less disturburing than in normal framing, where you can have up to 3 light reflecting surfaces.


(Please observe, that this effect can NOT be achieved by simply placing glass or clear acrylic directly onto the print - it needs to be "face mounted" in order to eliminate the reflections from the backside of the acrylic.)




Grafik & Foto offers DiaMount® in various versions - see the product and pricing for more information.





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